Hospital equipment

Our products are made for hospitals, social institutions, private medical, dental and veterinary practices.


Our protective aprons made of soft elastic lead rubber which is coated with water-repellent material. Our models can be fastened with velcro. We offer our aprons with the following lead equivalent: Pb = 0.25 mm and Pb = 0.5 mm. Current colors available: beige, dark blue, dark green, light blue, light green.

Radiation protection equipment

Our radiation protection equipment, such as the single- or multi-part rollable protective wall, the Hutás protection stand, the lamella curtain, and the isotope storage cabinet, is also available in several sizes and lead thicknesses.


Nightstand for use in nursing departments of hospitals and social institutions. The cabinet body is made of metal that is surface-treated with a plastic-based powder coating. The drawers of the cabinet are made with a removable drawer insert, which can be disinfected and cleaned. The bottom shelf of the cabinet is a ventilation shelf. The door and drawer fronts are made of compact laminate. Nightstand model I. has fixed legs, while the other three types can be rolled. Nightstand model III. has a recessed bottle holder on the side, which is suitable for storing 2 bottles. Nightstand model IV. has a feeding plate, which can be adjusted in height. If required, the installation of a bottle holder may also be requested.

Stainless steel furniture

The storage racks are multi-purposes. They are made of steel, aluminum, or stainless steel. The fixed racks are equipped with a foot screw, and the rolling racks are equipped with a rolling, non-trace wheel. The racks can be used excellently in all areas of healthcare facilities (sterilizers, kitchens, warehouses, etc.). The racks are easy to clean and sterilize.

Technology mobiles

Our technology mobiles include anesthesia carts, instrument trolleys, drug delivery carts, binding and handling carts, corpse carrier carts, emergency carts, patient carrier carts, infusion stands, bedding trolleys, bagged waste bins, box opening racks, stair steps, shoe racks, and paravanes.

Medical chairs

Medical chairs can be used in healthcare facilities, doctor’s offices, and operating rooms. The four types (medical chair, dental X-ray chair, assistant chair, general medical chair) are made using the same elements. The legs of the chairs are available in painted, chrome, and stainless steel versions. The leg structures are fitted with self-aligning wheels (medical chair, assistant chair, general medical chair) or fixed feet (dental X-ray chair) that do not leave a trace. In places, e.g. operating rooms where aggressive disinfectants are used, we only recommend chairs with a foot structure made of stainless steel. The operation of the chairs is hydro-pneumatic. Their seats can be adjusted within a height of 200 mm and rotate 360 °, except for the dental X-ray chair, whose seat cannot be turned. The armrest of the medical chair can be adjusted within 200 mm and the headrest of the dental X-ray chair can be adjusted as desired within 200 mm. The seats, armrests, and headrests of the chairs are made of sponge insert and imitation leather. These surfaces can be easily cleaned with neutral washing powder water.

Hopsital bed accessories

Hospital bed accessories help care for patients in a supine position. The bed urinal bottle holder, secretion gathering bag holder, and bedpan holder are also made of stainless steel, so these products can be hung on the bed and can also be cleaned with strong chemicals.


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